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Me - mirror

Inside is not a heart, but a kaleidoscope

Crazy weather tonight - hail, ridiculous lightning and thunder, lotsa rain. I have to say, I completely loved it. Lance and I went outside and stood in the rain (before it was hailing, mind you), and it was amazing.

We've been talking to his dad a lot more recently. We're moving in with him (sort of being shoved off on him, actually) some time in the near future. I guess whenever the house finally goes up for sale? Not really sure at this point. No one talks to us, so... It'll be a fun surprise!

Hopefully that will be super temporary, because we are both itching to get out. Money is just too damn tight right now though. Our only real solution is to take everything one step at a time and save up like crazy.

Speaking of saving, I know everyone ever is all about giving advice because they are older/wiser/whatever. BUT. Lance and I are not retarded. And especially Lance. He seems to get it from all sides. His mom, dad, aunt, grandmother, etc, all tell him what he should and shouldn't spend money on like they're his accountants. My theory is this: money ruins relationships. I've seen it happen before my very eyes. As long as Lance can budget (which he can!), pay bills (always does), and take care of himself, I am not going to tell him how to spend his money. And he does the same with me. These past few months have been slightly more stressful, but luckily I managed to save up a good chunk of change so my car payment has been coming out of my savings, not his paycheck.

So I just get tired of the, "Tell him not to buy anything else," and "What are you spending money on that for?" comments. I know it's well-intentioned, but we are adults, Lance has quite a bit saved up, and if he wants to splurge on something every couple of months, its fine by me, especially since he's smart enough not to ruin us financially.

Bah, it's just whining, but wtf is a journal for if not whining?

Yay, I'm actually sleepy, and I'm going to take advantage of that while it lasts. Goodnight, internets.


Me - mirror

July 2012



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