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Me - mirror

Sugar, we're goin' down

It's funny how life gives you a giant bowl of ice cream with a huge cherry and whipped cream and chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top, and then you realize the bitch who owns your house is losing said house and has given you one week to move the fuck out.

There was a metaphor in there, but I got angry and smashed it with a hammer of truth.


Week one of my job - going awesomely. The people are wonderful, there's a chick who is like, the personification of all of my best friends AND the person I wanted to be when I was her age (because she's 5 years younger than me, so I get to say that). But like, minus the crazy, at least so far. We are getting along swimmingly, of course. And the other two are also awesome, a good combo of sweet and sarcastic.

It's going so well that I actually volunteered to go in for another shift tomorrow. Because Lance is out with the boys, and I don't want to sit at home all day, oh and hey money. Money, you is my friend.

I also JUST found out last night that I managed to qualify for some federal loans for college, so I don't have to panic about that any more. Also I don't have to pay interest (or payments) on said loans until I graduate! I'm so relieved, I honestly was starting to panic about next semester.

AAAAAAAAAND? Lance got tickets to Wicked in September! So excited!

So all is well, right?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's funny that you think that.

JUST FOUND OUT TEN MINUTES AGO - literally, she walked into my room and announced! - that we have to move next Saturday. We knew the house was going, but we were told we had more like a month. Whatev, it's what happens.

BUT! And here's the really fun part - Her son is coming TOMORROW to get a bookcase that's in our room. And has my books (and some figurines etc) on it. At 2:30. I won't get home til 5:30 at the earliest. I have to be at work in 9 hours. I don't have any boxes.

I.. just... fuck. What the fuck do I do? Scramble to clear it off as much as possible? Try to clean the room instead? Go shower & sleep because hey, I actually need to work tomorrow?

SHIT I AM SO PISSED! And I don't even have any help because Lance is AWAY this weekend. FUCK.

I am out of words. I just want to fucking shoot something.


Me - mirror

July 2012



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