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Day 1

Which was technically yesterday as of one hour ago. Ahem.

Day 1 (of my 90-day mission), in which a computer is miraculously fixed, and Italian is successfully practiced. Or something.

Well, I managed to fall asleep at a semi-normal person time, and I woke up crazy early, like I had a gorram job to do or somesuch. Which, of course, I don't, being unwillfully unemployed until the good doctors see to fixing up my insides. Nonetheless, I was awake.

Now, I intended to do some real writing, get these festering plots out of my head and onto some... well, certainly not paper, but I suppose an electrical composition of ones and zeros would have done me just fine.

However, I was presented with a problem. That problem being my dear old laptop, which for many months now had done nothing but sit quietly under the sitting chair, refusing to connect to the internet for reasons beyond my comprehension. You see, I had spent many an hour cursing at it, hitting this button and that, attempting many different settings, and sadly that problem just would not be resolved.

So I had been reduced to borrowing the old laptop that is truly a relic of days gone by, only leant to my boyfriend's younger brother as a method of completing his homework many moons ago. 'Twas not the most charming or useful device, especially given that I had to share it with other members of the household.

Upon rediscovering this need for writing fictions and such within myself, I took it to mind to try once again to repair my once faithful notebook companion. Lo and behold, a stroke of genius took me, and I attempted a work-around which involved creating a brand new user, suspecting that whichsoever it is that keeps my darlin' from connecting, I might've accidentally done it to myself.

Sure enough, here I am, typing on my favorite silver beauty. Now this may only be a temporary fixin, but I do reckon to take advantage and enjoy as much as I can.

As for the studying, I did manage near on two hours of Italian, during which my ability was judged (B1, says the twenty minute test which I assume is not the most accurate of counters) and determined the areas which I need to study. Mostly them being the indirect versus direct object pronouns and combinations thereof, as well as them fancy tenses we no longer use in English. That and listening slash speaking, meaning communicating, of course.

And at this point you might well be asking yerself why in the lord's name am I typing this way, and if in fact you were to ask me as such, I would reply that I just spent the last three nights catching up on them Hatfields & McCoys, and I do profess a slight fascination with their way of talking. Figured if I couldn't be bothered to write up real fictions, least I could do is give a good solid voice to my rather uneventful recounting of my day. I suggest, in reading it, that you drop the 'g's of the ends of the 'ing' words and retain a light drawl.

Note: Yes, I am in fact unemployed. Still no word on unemployment checks. Still no diagnosis, but we just might be getting closer to one. Keep your fingers crossed for me. ♥


Fingers crossed! o\
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